On 19 June 2018 took place in Thessaloniki the first General Assembly and the elections of the Hellenic Association of Biogas Producers (HABio). In those events took part all the members of the association who, thus, demonstrated the willingness of the Biogas producers to express themselves through a collaborative body that will promote this form of renewable energy and place it at the position it deserves in the energy map of Greece. The establishing procedures lasted for about 1,5 years, since they actually started after the first meeting of the vast majority of Biogas producers from agricultural sources that took place in the ZOOTECHNIA exhibition in February 2017. At the time of its establishment (June 2018), the association had 25 members – operators of Biogas plants of sizes from 100 to 5.250 kWe. The total installed power of the 21 active electricity producing member plants (out of the 25 totally nation-wide operating ones) was 19,7 MWe (out of 22,76 ΜWe totally, percentage 86,6%).