By becoming an associate member of HABio, you have the opportunity to participate in a biogas community, through which:


  • You support your interests in Greece and the EU through our close collaboration with institutions and organisations that support Biogas and Biomethane.
  • You have access to information and analysis on the developent of the biogas and the biomethane sectors at National and European and national levels and the latest updates through our website and other means of communication that are under development.
  • You are part of a network consisting of producers, companies, research institutes, consultants and public authorities active in the field of biogas and biomethane.
  • You can be involved in National and European projects advancing biogas and biomethane production, trade and use.
  • You may join our Advisory Councils, technical or scientific, for the formulation of the principal views and objectives of the association, the dissemination of knowledge and information, the organization of informative, educational and training events.
  • Enjoy special terms for attendance and participation in international events, conferences, exhibitions and free participation in the events organized by HABio.
  • You may present your achievements in Greece through the annual issue ‘Success Stories in Greece’.
  • You have access to the entire electronic Library of HABio.